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Holland Posters World Series Posters are great posters made from old Lithograph cards. They all tel a small  story about something. These cards were made for promotion of an old German firm who produced meat extract. These pictures were printed from 1872 - 1975. Most of them uses the French or Italian language, therefor is no. 4 ,New Zealand, of this series partly in French.  All pictures are also as a single poster available.

Impressions of New Zealand HP W S 4 french cp Impressions of the World HP WS 5 cp
Impressions of the Land of Fire HP WS 6 b hp
Rice cultivation HP WS 7 cp
Chateaux Castles of the Loire HP WS 9  with Blois, Amboise, Chaumont, Chanonceau, Langeais, Chambord Plants grown in Warm Countries HP WS 11 Cuba, Indochina, Algeria, North Africa, Arabia and North Italy
Rainbow Colors  Women Holland Posters World Series no 17
Impressions of the World 2 poster Holland Posters World Series no 13

Listen also to Wonderful World Beautiful people: Jimmy Cliff 

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